White Labeling

Offer online ordering under your brand

Whether you're pairing with an existing product/service or creating a brand new offering, online ordering is a great way to drive revenue and deliver value for your customers.

Open Dining makes it easy and straightforward.

Your branding

Your logo and branding is displayed in place of Open Dining's standard branding, so you maintain a direct relationship with your customers.

Your pricing

You're in complete control over your customers' pricing, so you can deliver a solution that fits best for them.

Full-featured Solution

You get complete access to all Open Dining features, and can segment them up into custom plans for your customers - at wholesale prices.


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Common Questions

What does white labeling include?

Typically, all aspects of our system are branded with Open Dining's information, including notifications to the restaurant (faxes, emails, etc.). We can rebrand or de-brand any of the following components for you:

How much can/should I charge?

We've seen a variety of successful pricing structures. Typically they involve one or more plans with varying components:

In general, we recommend keeping the pricing as simple as possible.

Who bills my customers?

In most cases, we recommend that you establish a merchant account for billing your customers and use a third-party billing system, like Recurly, to automatically bill your customers (we use Recurly ourselves).

If you don't want to set up a merchant account, you can always bill your customers with standard invoices.

Who provides customer support?

In general, we support you, and you support your customers. For installations (POS integrations) or technically-challenging issues, we can get directly involved where necessary without disclosing the Open Dining brand.

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